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An Invitation

Dear Pastor/Leader/Brother,

Men’s Ministry Network (MMN) is a relational network of pastors and lay leaders committed to men’s discipleship through ministries to men in our local churches.  We believe God is calling His men to a men’s movement that will transform our families, churches, and our society. This movement involves God’s men arising to their destiny in Him, a destiny of spiritual leadership in their families and churches, and hence the strategic need for our churches to have ministries to men for an effective men’s discipleship to empower men to such an arising: For the advancement of God’s purposes here on earth.

We invite you to consider joining MMN to participate in this vision of such a movement.  Membership requires only the endorsement of your church leaders.  There are no fees are involved.  We value your prayers and your participation.  To appreciate your participation, we are offering a discount to all MMN members for subscriptions to our online men’s discipleship resources which we hope will be a helpful resource in your ministries to your men.

– In Him, Ps Kirk Tan

MMN Member Benefits


Enjoy an exclusive 20% discount when they subscribe to Corporate Membership subscription plan and additional benefits


Priority in terms of any support from MMN whether consultation services, provision of support in terms of speakers, testimony givers and others.


Get exclusive preview to MMN’s upcoming events and be the first to sign up.

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Please fill up the following details and submit, after which you will receive an email containing instructions and a Word document form to fill up. Kindly note that you will need signed endorsement by your pastor or board elder for the membership application.