A Message from Our Chairman

Dear Pastors, Leaders, Brothers

We thank God a dream we had many years ago is coming to pass.  It is about availing men’s discipleship resources online to equip churches, men’s groups or any man wishing to embark on a journey of manhood. 

In this, we humbly seek your grace and understanding.  The resources here may not be top-class and may be incomplete in some cases.  The reality is that they have been done mostly by “lay” leaders with daytime jobs but who served out of a sense of calling and conviction that such resources could help enhance the discipleship of men in our churches. We do trust however that they will be sufficiently useful.

In connection with the above, we wish to thank God for the following:

  1. Covenant EFC who mostly funded this project, and various other churches and individuals who also contributed financially over the years. The subscription fees levied herein will not recover the full costs of producing these resources but more to develop and maintain this website. 
  2. Many church men’s ministries who “used” these materials and hence helped to affirm their effectiveness for us.

Last but not least, we thank all who have contributed to this project in one way or another, such as the recording crews, speakers, testimony givers, the hosting churches, ushers, table servers, intercessors – you have encouraged us that this cause is worthwhile…

In this project, our posture is that these resources are our simple 5 loaves and 2 fishes which we are humbly placing in God’s hands, trusting that He will multiply them to minister to more than we can do so or imagine if left in our own hands. 

On this note, we wish all an exciting journey of manhood in the use of these resources.  May they guide you in becoming a certain kind of man whom we describe as one who is, secure in his identity, taking up his responsibilities, walking with integrity, accountable to a community, living his destiny in Him – all for His glory!

To God indeed be the glory!

Pastor Kirk Tan

Chairman, Men’s Ministry Network

25th July 2021