Facing The Challenge Series


Facing The Challenge

It is about men rising up to the challenges, rising up to the standards that God has set before us. Yet as men, we face unique challenges and temptations that often hold us back. Anger and male PMS (Power, Money, Sex) can distract and derail us and potentially set us off in the wrong direction. In Facing the Challenge, we learn what it means to face and to overcome these challenges, that we may live out the glorious calling we have as we grow to become the men God intended us to be.


The Manhood Quest Series is an equipping module jointly developed by Dr Geoff Gorsuch, Pastor Adrian Chan, Pastor Kirk Tan and the core team of Men-in-Covenant (MIC), the men’s ministry of Covenant Evangelical Free Church (CEFC) ( CEFC is an intentional disciple-making church led by Rev Tony Yeo and Rev Tan Kay Kiong.


This series is divided into 4 main themes. Each theme contains 2 sessions, an interview session with Dr Geoff Gorsuch and accompanying resources that include a cover note, session notes handouts and speakers’ presentation slides.


The resources are ideal for use by men’s ministries at regular men’s ministry equipping meetings and or men’s discipleship small groups. This series falls under the INTEGRITY theme of our MMN resources.


Dr Geoff Gorsuch

Dr Geoff Gorsuch is Director of Men’s Ministry with the Navigators and Key Advisor to Men’s Ministry Network and Men-in Covenant. Geoff, who has served with The Navigators in 12 countries over the last 30 years, was formerly advisor to Promise Keepers and co-founder of the National Coalition of Men’s Ministries, US. As author and speaker, he has assisted men’s ministries in churches in the US and Asia. He holds advanced degrees in ministry.

Pastor Kirk Tan

Kirk Tan, a banking officer, is founding chairman of MiC, the Men’s Ministry of CEFC and currently chairs Men’s Ministry Network, a ministry committed to enhancing men’s discipleship through ministries to men in our local churches, Kirk is a regular speaker at MIC’s platforms and guest speaker for men’s meetings at various churches.

Chua Chee Wei

Chua Chee Wei, a a Managing Director businessman with a global IT company, is Acting Chairman of MIC, whose mission is returning men to authentic and godly manhood to impact his communities and to catalyse men’s movements in Singapore and beyond. Chee Wei is also a lay leader actively involved in CEFC’s small group ministries.

Steve Chiu

Steve Chiu, a businessman with his own design firm, is a key member of MIC’s core team. Steve heads the Breakthrough Weekend platform of MiC. Breakthrough weekends are perlodic men’s retreats organized by MiC and is the key platform of CEFC’s life transformational strategy of Change Me. Steve is also a lay leader actively involved in small group ministries.

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