I felt encouraged and blessed hearing all the testimonies that are so genuine and authentic. It inspired me to share deeper in my small group especially a subject which I have been avoiding which is my son’s salvation.

SSA Lay Leader, an EFC Church

It has been many blessed years since I came to know men’s ministry via MiC in 2007 and joining MMN to serve together since 2011. The Lord has been good to me through this brotherhood journey in MMN and brothers in my own local church. I believe in men’s ministry where God can use this platform for live transformation in men’s lives and mine included. Praise the Lord! This is the mandate given to men to rise up as His men at home, workplace and marketplace and serving His church wherever He has placed us. All for His glory!

AnonymousA Lay Leader from the Baptist Community

I was greatly blessed by the Manhood Journey Together retreat organised by MMN. The authentic sharing touched me deeply and I found a sense of belonging to this men’s community and desire to journey together. A key take-away for me was to pray for the “Nathan”, the “Jethro” and the “2am brother” for myself and to be such a brother for others.

LLA Men's Ministry Leader, an EFC Church

The bond of Christ’s love shared among us was so evidently felt in our deep contrition, confessing of sin, and surrender to God to make something beautiful out of our brokenness. I have found a SAFE place among brothers to share vulnerably during our sessions.

PPA Lay Leader, an Anglican Church

The experience modelled for me how I should embody that which I hope to see in other brothers as well, and has been very precious, a time of heart work. Testimonies were not just encouraged by exemplified. Praise be to God for such a loving, servant-leader community of brothers in the MMN!  Thanks Pastor Kirk. We have been richly blessed by and through you.

KKA Lay Leader, an Anglican Church

I really thank God for my MMN facilitator and my brothers in Christ from my church who gave me undivided attention when I shared my struggles, concerns, weaknesses. I could really feel God’s love through the sharing and praying for one another. I really got to know my other core team member more through the deep conversations and prayers we had.

SSA Lay Leader, an Anglican Church

In our small group, I had a breakthrough which I shared for the first time, not even to my wife, about my regret in relation to my father who had gone home to the Lord.  For the ministry, I picked up some key principles from the MMN conference: A safe place; A band of brothers, Iron sharpens iron; Manhood discipleship. May God continue to use MMN to be a blessing to the churches in Singapore and beyond. To God be the glory!

IIA Lay Leader, an EFC Church

Dear MMN, just wanted to share with you this milestone that we have completed the book, a Journey of Manhood today after studying through it for more than a year! The book is done but not our journey as fellow men in Christ! We are grateful to the Lord that this book helped to lay the foundation and framework for us as we press on towards Christlikeness!

DDA Lay Leader, an Independent Church

It is a blessing to have MNN established to inspire Christian men to remind us the importance of keeping the community closely knitted, to trust, to hold each other accountable, in order to finish the earth journey a full life with obedience of God’s word and teaching,

SSA Lay Leader, an Independent Church

I had the privilege to be invited for MMN conference 5 years ago and it changed my life. As a young man in his early thirties, I was humbled and inspired to see various male Christian leaders from different denominations and age groups share vulnerably and discuss the tough issues we men face, in a SAFE place. Since then, I found a band of brothers I’ve been walking life with and it’s empowered me to become a better man in the family, workplace and community.

Attendee of MMN eventsFrom A Charismatic Church