A Manhood Journey


A Manhood Journey

What does it take for us to become the men God intended us to be?


We believe it requires men to know whose they are, what they are to do, how they are to live, and that they can’t do it alone


Held across four Saturdays in 2018 at Calvary Baptist Church, “A Manhood Journey” is a MMN series led by 4 spiritual leaders covering key aspects of our manhood with regard to our identity, responsibility, integrity and community


This series contains 4 plenary sessions and 4 dialogue sessions with the respective speakers:

  • Dr Rodney Woo (Senior Pastor, International Baptist Church Singapore)
  • Rev Tan Kay Kiong (Senior Pastor, Covenant Evangelical Free Church, Pastoral Advisor, Men’s Ministry Network)
  • Rev Lek Yong Teck (Pastor-in-Charge, Bukit Panjang Methodist Church)
  • Dr Geoff Gorsuch (Executive Director, Navigators, Ministry Advisor, Men’s Ministry Network)

Each plenary session also includes presentation slides and handouts. The resources are ideal for your individual use or for men’s ministries at regular men’s ministry equipping meetings and or men’s discipleship small group.

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Dr Rodney Woo

Dr Rodney Woo is the Senior Pastor of international Baptist Church in Singapore, with 54 nations and 121 ethnicities represented. Before his call to Singapore, he pastored Wilcrest Baptist Church for more than 18 years, and led the church from an all-Anglo declining congregation into a multiracial congregation with more than 44 different countries represented.

Rev Tan Kay Kiong

Rev Tan Kay Kiong is Senior Pastor, Bukit Panjang, Covenant Evangelical Free Church. Also pastor in charge of Men-in-Covenant, his church men’s ministry since its beginning, Rev Tan has overseen this ministry grow from 10 men to reach a few thousand men across 100 churches in Singapore and beyond. Rev Tan graduated from Singapore Bible College with a Bachelor of Theology.


Rev Lek Yong Teck

Rev Lek Yong Teck is the Pastor-in-Charge of Bukit Panjang Methodis  Church. He serves as one of the Associate Directors that oversees Christian ministry in Methodist schools. He is passionate about helping churches re-establish their disciple-making mandate and serves as Vice President of Intentional Disciple-making Network.

Dr Geoff Gorsuch

Dr Geoff Gorsuch is Senior Advisor to Men’s Ministry, Navigators and Men’s Ministry Network. Geoff graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1968 and was awarded the Silver Star and 4 Distinguished Flying Crosses as a Vietnam reconnaissance pilot. Geoff serves with the Navigators for over 30 years in the US, France, Africa, Russia and Asia. He was advisor to the Promise Keepers and an executive team member of the National Coalition of Men’s Ministries. Geoff co-authored a book Brothers which has been used to teach pastors about forming thriving men’s small groups. Geoff holds a Bachelor of Science, a Masters and Doctorate in Practical Ministry from the Leadership Institute in Colorado Springs. He and his late wife Diane have two married daughters with 6 grandchildren.