Learn More New Resource: A Manhood Journey Come join us on a journey through a man’s identity, responsibility, integrity and community Learn More Living God’s Dream Discover God’s vision for your life through this transformative 6 week series. Discipling Christian men in every season of life through ministries to men Men’s Ministry Network

“Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.”

- 1 Corinthians 16:13

We organise annual men’s conferences, prayer gatherings and equipping sessions for pastors, leaders and Christian men in Singapore and beyond. Key topics include Christian manhood, leadership, power, money, sex, fatherhood and more. We invite us to get connected, visit our platforms and explore possibilities together!

​​​​We equip men’s ministries by providing an array of in-house developed men’s discipleship resources discussing a man’s identity, responsibility, integrity, community and destiny. Ideal for small group discussions at church, your workplace or community. Additionally, we provide consultation regarding the starting, sustaining and soaring of men’s ministries and where helpful, assist to advise on men’s ministry strategic plans, and provide men’s ministry speakers, testimony givers as tailored support where possible.

We pray, partner and participate to unite ministries to men across various churches and organizations so that together, we can collaborate to organise activities which help establish a men’s movement in Singapore and beyond. Not limiting the geography now allows MMN to collaborate outside of Singapore, whether remotely or otherwise.

Every church discipling every man in every season of his life.

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Manhood Resolution

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Leverage on our array of mostly in-house developed men’s discipleship resources discussing a man’s identity, responsibility, integrity, community and destiny.

Generally, our resources can be categorized into 3 types of resources: Equipping Series, Men’s Conferences and Forums. They come in video, audio format with discussion notes, that you can use for effective small group discussions in church, at your workplace or in any community.

Check out the premier equipping series, “Becoming God’s Men”


  • “I felt encouraged and blessed hearing all the testimonies that are so genuine and authentic. It inspired me to share deeper in my small group especially a subject which I have been avoiding which is my son’s salvation.”

    A Lay Leader, an EFC Church
  • “I was greatly blessed by the Manhood Journey Together retreat organised by MMN. The authentic sharing touched me deeply and I found a sense of belonging to this men’s community and desire to journey together. A key take-away for me was to pray for the “Nathan”, the “Jethro” and the “2am brother” for myself and to be such a brother for others.”

    A Men's Ministry Leader, an EFC Church
  • “The bond of Christ’s love shared among us was so evidently felt in our deep contrition, confessing of sin, and surrender to God to make something beautiful out of our brokenness. I have found a SAFE place among brothers to share vulnerably during our sessions.”

    A Lay Leader, an Anglican Church
  • “The experience modelled for me how I should embody that which I hope to see in other brothers as well, and has been very precious, a time of heart work. Testimonies were not just encouraged by exemplified. Praise be to God for such a loving, servant-leader community of brothers in the MMN!  Thanks Pastor Kirk. We have been richly blessed by and through you.”

    A Lay Leader an Anglican Church
  • “I really thank God for my MMN facilitator and my brothers in Christ from my church who gave me undivided attention when I shared my struggles, concerns, weaknesses. I could really feel God’s love through the sharing and praying for one another. I really got to know my other core team member more through the deep conversations and prayers we had.”

    A Lay Leader, an Anglican Church
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