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Men united: Why guys should never walk alone

We interview Pastor Kirk Tan, a lay pastor at Covenant Evangelical Free Church who has been involved in ministries to men for close to 20 years. He oversees the church’s men’s ministry, Men-in-Covenant, and is also the Chairman of the Men’s Ministry Network in Singapore.  What challenges do young men in the church face? When guys join...

That’s what B.R.O.T.H.E.R.S. are for

It is tragic and heartbreaking to see the rise in incidences of sexual impropriety and immorality today, ranging from voyeurism, sexting, sexual grooming, power abuses for sexual favours, molestations in public places, porn addictions, sex chat rooms to marital infidelities. What accounts for this? Likely various factors, among which includes the deliberate sexualisation of human...